How To Poach An Egg Using A Tuna Tin



Poaching an egg can be a messy process without the right equipment, but you don't need to worry about buying an expensive product, just grab a tin of tuna and we'll show you what to do!

Step 1:
Create a poaching ring
Take your tin and using a tin opener remove the top and bottom of it, so that you have a hollow cylinder.
Step 2:
Prepare a pan
Drop your ring into a pan and pour in enough boiling water to lie level with the top of the ring, then turn on the heat to simmer.
Step 3:
Fill your ring
Crack your egg into a glass or measuring jug and then pour it into the ring and wait for the magic to begin!
Step 4:
Remove the ring from the pan with any utensils you have to hand, then scoop out your egg and serve!