How to Quater a Chicken


You will need….
1 whole chicken
1 large sharp knife
1 chopping board

Step 1:
Remove the legs
Begin by placing the whole chicken on the chopping board. Take one leg, begin to ease it away from the body and cut through the skin, between the body and the thigh. Now pull the leg, quite firmly away from the body, until the ball of the thighbone pops out from the hip socket. Cut between the ball and socket to separate the leg entirely from the bottom of the bird.

Step 2:
Divide the legs
Place the chicken leg, skin-side down and cut firmly through the joint between the drumstick and thigh. TIP! Never place food on anything that raw chicken has touched!

Step 3:
Remove the breasts
With the neck-end facing you, make a slit first & then cut along one side of the bird's back bone. Fold back the breast meat with your knife until you reach the wing joint. Cut through it but don't separate the wing from the breast just yet.

TIP! This technique can be used on a cooked chicken as well.

Step 4:
Remove the wings
Cut through the whole of the wing joint and completely release the wing from the breast. Before moving to the next step, repeat the entire process once more on the other side of your chicken.

Step 5:
Cut the carcass in two
Now with the chicken cut and disjointed, slice the carcass in two between the ribcage and the sternum. This part is a great foundation for making nourishing, homemade soups!