How To Shred

How To Shred
* 1 medium Cabbage , or vegetable of your choice
* 1 Chopping Board
* 1 Sharp Knife


Step 1:
Place vegetable on chopping board
Place your vegetable onto the chopping board. Any hard vegetable is good for shredding.

Step 2:
Cut through root
Take a sharp knife. Make sure the knife is larger than the vegetable you are cutting, and cut through the root.

Step 3:
Cut in half
Place your fingers underneath the vegetable then run the knife through it in one motion to break it in half.

Step 4:
Cut into Quarters With the flat side face down, cut it in half again so the vegetable is in quarters.

Step 5:
Remove Root
Remove the root – the woody bit of the vegetable, and discard. If you don't want to waste anything, you can use the root in a soup or broth.

Step 6:
Cut Into Making sure your knife is sharp and your fingers are tucked in, cut the vegetable into very thin slices.
Using your fingers, break up the pieces into shreds.