‘If teachers were alert, rape would not have occurred’


Chief minister Manohar Parrikar, speaking at an event in Panaji recently, said that he was not in favour of grants for installation of CCTV cameras in schools in view of the Vasco school rape case, as the crime occurred because of negligence on part of the school staff.
At the pre-budget interaction with the public, Parrikar, who is also the state education minister, was posed with a question by an audience member whether he would make provisions for grants for CCTV cameras in schools in the 2013-14 budget.
He said, "In case of the Vasco incident, the eyes and ears of the school staff were closed. On three occasions, the accused was spotted by a teacher and was stopped from entering the school, yet he was still loitering on teh premises."
Parrikar said that he would not mind giving grants for CCTV cameras but he believes that it will not serve the purpose of ensuring students' security in schools.
"It is the job of the teacher to be alert where students' security is concerned. If a school has twenty teachers, their pair of eyes should become 40 CCTV cameras. Unless teachers are alert, installing cameras will not mean anything," Parrikar said. Elaborating further he said, "It is easy to say this is the problem and put the onus on the state saying give us so and so to resolve the problem. Personally, I am not in favour of giving CCTV cameras to schools because it does not absolve teachers of their responsibility of ensuring students'.  [TOI]