IFFI director’s laptop stolen


Theft of International Film Festival of India’s (IFFI) Director Shankar Mohan’s laptop from the festival venue has left the organizers and security agencies red-faced. 
Panjim police has begun an investigation under Section 380 of IPC and rounded up two security guards who exchanged duties at the time around which the theft is said to have occurred. 
Police sources said the festival director left the office, situated on the first floor in the Old GMC complex, at about 9 pm on Wednesday, leaving his personal laptop on the table.  “The security guard on duty subsequently locked the door and handed over the office keys to his co-worker after completing his duty,” said a police officer. 
On Thursday at 10 am, the IFFI director Mohan found his laptop missing after which Deputy Director, IFFI (administration) Prashant Kumar lodged a police complaint. PSI Anant Gaonkar said the two security guards ~ Narayan Singh and Manas Kumar ~ are being interrogated. He confirmed that the laptop was not recovered. 
Mohan denied that there was any theft. “My team members may have taken the laptop,” he told Herald and declined to speak about the police case. 
When asked about important data including that of film festival which would have been on his laptop, he replied, “The information is fed in my brains.” The Old GMC complex houses offices of other IFFI officials and ironically there is a police control room on the ground floor which is the nerve centre for security… Or not, obviously, in this case! [H]