Impersonation of minor: Police trace internet protocoladds

After over a month, the Ponda police have managed to trace the internet protocol (IP) addresses of the computers-from Goa and Belgaum- that were used to send "indecent messages" from a social networking site account.

Ponda police sources revealed that they had registered an offence under Section 67B of the Information Technology Act against an unknown person for creating an account by impersonating a minor schoolgirl from Ponda. The mother of the girl had lodged a complaint in this regard on October 13.

The police found the location in Goa from where the messages were sent and got the account blocked. Soon after, the police found that another account had been created from Belgaum. Police sources said that have received information about the suspect in question and are verifying if the offence was committed by only one person or involves multiple people. [TOI]