IN MEMORIAM (Composed November 1944)

My mother was snatched at too early an age
My father soon followed that same old stage,
And left us three brothers quite helpless, alone
To bear the yoke that they had borne.

My mother’s death took place at home –
Where all of us did weep and mourn
But my father’s was a death at sea,
It tore our hearts and orphaned three!

My Dad with step-mum and children three
Was sailing to Africa full of glee;
He smilingly said, “I’ll come back soon,”
But we knew not death would call so soon.

So sudden God’s summons, so quick the deep sea
Did swallow them all, O Destiny!
No time to say farewell, no time to say ‘wait’,
Death’s cold gatekeeper had opened the gate!

And now that he’s gone, we can murmur not
But trust in God for that’s our lot,
And trusting in Him who reigns on high
We’ll patiently wait till the end draws nigh.

Then Daddy and Mummy soon shall we meet
When death has silenced our last heart-beat, ·
Together then we’ll live forever and ever
In Heaven so beautiful, we shall part — no NEVER!