Include road tax in rehab package: South Goa truckers


The South Goa Mining Truck Owners’ Association has decided to ask for relief with regard to payment of road tax on their vehicles due in March 2013.

President of the association, Mr Prakash Raut Desai said that trucks are lying idle because of the closure of the mines and members have no income to make payments of ` 9,000 per truck.

Therefore the government has to include the amount due on the road tax along with other measures while considering the financial package to them. Members, he said also have to contend with paying off the loans taken for purchasing of the trucks.

Banks have been repeatedly contacting them for recoveries, and although they are willing to extend the repayment period of the loans, banks are insisting that borrowers pay interest on the principal amount, Mr Desai said.

Most of the loans repayments of the truckers were due on September 2012, but they have been deferred to September 2013 as per the rescheduling assurance made by bank chiefs to afflicted mining stakeholders.[NT]