Informers to act as third eye of coastal police


For the first time, Goa coastal police has formed its own special cadre of informers to keep watch on all illicit activities along the beach pertaining to sleaze, drugs and violence which in recent years have gained menacing proportions. These informers are civilians who coastal police officers say will act as a third eye for the force that has the job of protecting 105-km long coastline.
justify;">Unlike other police stations which too have an extensive network of informers to keep a watch on goings-on in their jurisdiction, the coastal cops have briefed their informers of the ‘special conditions’, especially with the influx of domestic and foreign tourists during the tourism season. A senior police official said those people who frequent the coastal belt have been roped in to boost coastal security, which has been given special attention after Mumbai terror attack.  “We have been successful in getting really good people who are helping us,” the officer said. The informers, whose identity is kept secret, are suitably rewarded by the department if their information is correct. “This is encouraging more and more people to get involved with us and simultaneously carry on with their routine jobs. They are keeping us updated about every happening along the coast. We are making all attempts to improve our intelligence gathering,” said the official.
The marine police are regularly conducting sensitisation programs for the public, fishermen and lifeguards. More so, the patrolling has been intensified along the Tiracol-Palolem stretch to prevent any untoward incident. The results of this network have already started showing up, claim police. The recent catch of 10 trawlers from Karnataka illegally trawling in Goan territory was due to the information provided by the informants, he said. In terms of upgradation of infrastructure and logistics, the department has taken good care. The government recently sanctioned additional four coastal police stations at Talpona, Chapora, Ribandar and Tiracol, and two new jetties at Ribandar and Agassaim. [H]