Innocents languishing in jail: Anacleto


Demanding that the police force be streamlined, advocate Anacleto Viegas criticized the state government for failing to have a fully functional forensic laboratory, which he said was delaying investigation in several cases.
"What is needed is the streamlining of the police force and every police station should have invigilators who are trained to collect evidence at the site, fingerprints experts and such investigating teams and every taluka needs to have a trained dog squad," said Viegas, while addressing mediapersons in Margao on Tuesday.
He further rued the fact there were delays in collecting results of blood samples due to the time taken to send it to laboratories outside Goa and said that due to the lack of a forensic laboratory in Goa, it can force innocent people to remain in jail even for three years till the samples were produced in court. [TOI]