Inquiry report on Geologist Bhave suicide tabled in House

The death of Directorate of Mines employee Dattatray Bhave, whose suspension was revoked, has taken an interesting twist with the magisterial inquiry report confirming it as ‘suicide out of his own volition’ ruling out foul play as alleged earlier.  Assistant Geologist Bhave was found hanging at his residence in Ponda on September 21, 2012. The report, which was tabled in the State Legislative Assembly in response to an unstarred question, concluded the death as suicide. 

Ironically, while the report claims that the family did not suspect foul play, the deceased’s brother deposed that suspension resulted in humiliation. The brother termed Bhave ‘an upright person and had no blemish at any point of his career.’  “The suspension from service, resulted in embarrassment to D Bhave…suspension amounted to humiliation as he along with others were made to report in the office of South Goa Collector which may perhaps have resulted in his mental balance being considerably shaken…It is because of this that D Bhave may have taken the drastic step of committing suicide,” the brother’s interrogation revealed. [H]