IRB personnel show no sign of bravado


With the intention of escaping the rigors of tough second phase commando training, some India Reserve Battalion personnel many a times give excuses such as pregnancy, marriage and family functions, police sources said.
Senior officials who are faced with such excuses are forced to scrutinize and try and filter the genuine from the fraudulent, given that commando training is necessary part of the induction process.
IRB Commandant Vishram Borkar admitted they had received few applications (for leave) from the partially trained commandos. “We have received a few applications, but all of these will be scrutinized,” he said, refusing to elaborate. 
He has however said that skipping the second phase of the training would result in the departmental action.
“Depending on the slot given by the MHA, we send personnel for further training. It is a para-military force. This is a training that will make them eligible for the real job. It cannot be avoided…nothing can stop them from going for the training,” he said.
The training imparted by Union Ministry of Home Affairs is in continuation of the basic training imparted to the cadre earlier. 
Sources say that a few recruits who were recently appointed under the reserved category are undergoing the basic training in Ajmer, Rajasthan, while the rest comprising about 400 have already completed the training.
This follows another nine months attachment training which includes two months commando training with IRB superiors waiting for a time slot by MHA. It is now learnt that about 221 personnel ~ male and female ~ would be sent to Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, early April.
A senior officer said that commando group will mainly conduct operations such as hostage rescue, evacuation, explosive identification and disposal, and ambush operations. They will also be trained to handle advanced weapons and communication systems.
“The commando wing will also take part in special tasks such as anti-terrorism and insurgency operations and explosives. They will be exposed to anti-insurgency operations with military and para-military forces,” the source said.
While IRB-I and IRB-II is being strengthened, the government has taken up a third battalion for which 1007 separate posts have been created. For recruitment to 675 posts of constables, the department received more than 18,000 applications when the recruitment process began last year. Posts for two more batches ~ 23 PSIs and 192 police drivers for IRB 3rd battalion are being taken up. [H]