IRB PSI assaults waiter mistaken for masseur


 A waiter working in a beach shack operated by Agnelo Lobo, brother of John Lobo, secretary of the shack owners welfare society, was assaulted by an IRB police sub-inspector (PSI) at Baga on Saturday afternoon.
Calangute police have registered an offence against the PSI.
Speaking to ToI, waiter Manjunath said he was applying suntan lotion on the back of a British tourist when the IRB constable objected to it. The constable reportedly objected because he thought the waiter was giving a massage to the tourist, which is not permitted in the shack.
After a while, the constable came back to the shack and summoned the waiter along with Agnelo to the nearby lifeguard tower which is used as a base by the IRB personnel.
Once there, the PSI on duty, Dhanu Bagadi reportedly detained the waiter in the room below the lifeguard tower and assaulted him with a lathi, as a result of which he suffered injuries on his arms and legs.
The waiter was allegedly detained from 11.30am to 5pm without being arrested or a formal complaint registered, according to John Lobo.
John lodged a complaint with the Calangute police station who then registered an offence against the police sub-inspector. The PSI was not available for comment.
The tourist Larry, said he was shocked at the behaviour of the policeman. "I've been coming here for the last 10 years and know the waiters and shack owners very well. My back was getting burnt by the sun, so I asked him to apply a bit of lotion. When he had put a few drops on my back, the policeman came and started abusing him, though I couldn't really understand the words. They then took him away, and this morning (Sunday), I saw the injuries he had suffered."
John alleged that the policeman involved did it because he has been complaining about the lackadaisical attitude of the IRB personnel in handling touts and beggars on the beach. [TOI]