Irked over power woes, Cuncolim residents seek CM’s intervention

Margao: Complaining about the non-working streetlights and fluctuating power supply, residents of the municipal area of Cuncolim have called upon the Chief Minister Pramod Sawant to provide better electricity infrastructure.

During the meeting held on Saturday, residents pointed out that many streetlights in the municipal area were not working because of which major junctions were in complete darkness.

Sawant along with the electricity department officials present assured the locals that the government was in the process of cancelling the contract with the current contractor tasked with supplying and maintenance of LED streetlights. He said that the issue would be resolved in a few days.

Residents also complained that the fluctuating current damages their electrical items. “Every time there is a fluctuation in current, our TVs, fridges and washing machines get damaged. Who will take the responsibility of the electrical items?” asked one resident.

In response, an electricity department official said that the fluctuations due to incoming current that is augmented from conductors at the Xeldem plant cause the problem. “There is already work going on to change the line costing around Rs 8 crore which includes replacing 15 transformers in the area. Once this is done, the current will be steady and the problem of fluctuating current will be resolved,” said the electricity department engineer.

It was also informed that work on 11 KV underground cabling worth Rs 33 crore had also been proposed and it will begin in the next five to six months.

The issue of bad roads was also highlighted by residents who pointed to potholes as being a major issue urging the chief minister to take up the road work before Christmas. Sawant in response said that work on all the roads would not be taken up before Christmas but assured that patchwork of major potholes especially near the Cuncolim market would be taken up on priority.

Cuncolim MLA Clafacio Dias, who was also present, said that he had submitted list of works worth Rs 10 crore for road and repair of roads, of which work order for works worth Rs 5 crore had already been issued, he said. [NT]