Ivana on four points

WIM Ivana Furtado (2103) beat WCM Egorova Avyyna (1887) of Russia to tally four points after the fifth round of under-14 girls World Youth Chess Championship, in Slovenia.

Earlier, she was held to a draw by Gueci Tea (1939) of Italy in the fourth round. Meanwhile, WCM Riya Savant (1896) lost to WFM Kazarian Anna Maja (1873) of Netherlands in under-12 girls category. She drew with Feng Maggie (1746) of USA and in the fourth round.

CM Nitish Belurkar (1846) lost to Panchantham Vignesh (2012) of USA in the fifth round in the under-12 open category. He beat FM Ioannidis Evgenios (2002) of Greece. He is currently on three points.  [H]