JCB ‘snaps’ water supply to Calangute


Many parts of Calangute were without water supply after a reckless JCB operator damaged a pipeline along the CHOGM road at Naikka Vaddo, Calangute, on Thursday. The JCP engaged to remove the concrete slabs for some work on the Nullah ended up damaging the main water pipeline that caters to the needs of consumers from Naikkavaddo and Gauravaddo in Calangute. Incidentally, PWD officials had warned the JCB driver of a possible damage to the pipeline, while work was in progress to remove the concrete slabs.
On hearing about the damage to the pipeline, a PWD team from Calangute rushed to the site and tried to co-ordinate work to repair the ruptured pipeline. To add to their woes, the PWD team also could not hasten with the repair work due to unavailability of a vehicle to transport the required material to the site.
“The old pipeline needs to be handled properly and repair work is a time-consuming process that depends on availability of pipes, accessories, etc.  We will put in our best to get the damaged pipeline repaired at the soonest,” said PWD JE Shivgal.
Meanwhile, locals were highly critical of the reckless work by contractor leading to the damaged pipeline.[H]