Jina blames Cong for Moti Dongor

The BJP's minority cell president and state secretary, Shaikh Jina, criticized the Congress government and said that the slum at Moti Dongor, Margao, is a creation of the Congress, which ruled the state of Goa for decades by neglecting the minority community. Jina said that he was stunned by the recent statements made by the Goa pradesh Congress committee ( GPCC)'s minority department, denouncing the steps taken for demolishing encroachments at Moti Dongor.
In a statement issued on Monday, Jina said that the slums at Moti Dongor received further boost during the tenure of the Digambar Kamat-led government, when there was large-scale encroachment of comunidade land, forcing the managing committee of comunidade to approach the Goa bench of the Bombay High Court, on whose order the present notices have been served to 372 illegal occupants.
"There are also some criminal elements from outside Goa who are known to take refuge in the Moti Dongor slum after committing crimes, and this has brought a bad name to the entire Muslim community, including law-abiding Muslims," said Jina.
Jina advised Shaifullah Khan, the GPCC's minority department chairman, to blame his own party and added that the Congress has been using the Muslim community only for increasing its vote bank with false promises which have never been turned into reality. [TOI]