Karnataka man falls out of moving truck, crushed


Shekappa Badigar, 25, a native of Hubli, Karnataka, was crushed under the wheels of a moving truck after he was thrown out of its cabin on Tuesday afternoon. The truck was returning to Usgao from Margao.
Badigar was sitting in the cabin along with another helper, Ulgappa Gauda, 19, also a native of Hubli. Ponda police said that Badigar was leaning against the cabin door. As the truck was in motion, the door handle could have been pushed down and the door could have opened, said the police, adding that Badigar fell under the rear wheels of the truck while Gauda, who also fell out but onto the road, survived with minor injuries.
 The police arrested truck driver Mallikarjun Gauda, 22, also a resident of Hubli.  [TOI]