Kesarval Spring

Kesarval Spring is located 22 km away from Panaji off the National Highway connecting the city of Margao. The spring emerges from hard rocks, surrounded by lush green tropical woodlands and swinging betel palms. The word “Kesar-val” is derived from the Indian word for eagles that used to maintain a colony here among the magnificent forested slopes. The spring has a reputation among the locals and the bathers who come from faraway places, of having medicinal properties in its waters. It is a very popular spa, where bathers go to wash out ailments once a year by a course of “healing waters.” The Tourism Department has designated the Kesarval spring as a tourist spot. The spring is at its resplendent best, during the monsoon when it tumbles forward in a dashing cascade. But during the sweltering Goan summer in April-May, when the hills above are parched for water, the flow of the spring is broken and weak. The best time to visit the falls is during rainy season.