Khola Panchayat sees surprise choice for sarpanch


Anjali Velip was on Monday elected sarpanch of the nine-member Khola Panchayat.
At a special meeting to elect the new sarpanch, Velip got elected following sudden developments favourably enabling her to switch sides. Velip defeated Narayan Saptu Velip, a member of her opposition group, by 5-4 votes.
 It may be recalled that as per the agreement, former sarpanch Anant Velip resigned to make way for the next panch from the group consisting of Jairam Veip, Deputy Sarpanch Vanita Naik, Maria Fernandes and Ajay Pagui, to occupy the post.
Panch Ajay Pagui who was likely to take over the sarpanch’s post did not get support from others who parted ways and joined the opposition group consisting of Guru Velip, Guru Zaraunkar and Narayan Saptu Velip. In the process, Anjali Velip was elected as sarpanch. [H]