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Khuris Moddlo, Bhavart Toddlo is about love & sacrifices

Tiatr: Khuris Moddlo, Bhavart Toddlo?
Cast: Nevil, Aveena, Prakash Marathe, Saby, Rizton, Jolicia, Mariano Fernandes
Director: Elvis/Carmin
Band: Seby Moraes (trumpet), Thomas (soprano), Martin (saxophone), Glen (drums), Eviton (keyboard), Rahul (bass)
Story: Varun (Prakash Marathe) is in love with Rhea (Aveena), but his brother Sammy (Nevil) gets fascinated by her looks. He requests Varun to put in a word, and Rhea finally ties the knot with Sammy. Consequence?

The story revolves around Sammy and his adopted Hindu brother Varun. After the death of his parents in a mishap, Muriel (Carmin) decides to adopt Varun in the family. Rhea is in love with Varun, but Sammy gets carried away by her beauty and seeks help from his brother to win her love.In order to move away from Rhea’s life, Varun fakes illness and gets her closer to Sammy. Finally, Sammy ties the knot with Rhea and Varun treats her as his sister-in-law. Meanwhile, Muriel’s both kidneys fail and MLA Vijay (Elvis) volunteers to help as all members of the family are his close supporters.
Desecration of the cross in the village leads to furor and turmoil. Nobody knows who is involved in it? Police investigation continues and PI (Rocky) tries to arrest Varun, suspecting his involvement. He confesses openly that he is behind the desecration and surrenders to the police.But who is the actual culprit? And what are his intentions behind such an act? How does the truth unveil?
Elvis/Carmin’stiatr ‘Khuris Moddlo Bhavart Toddlo?’ is a well scripted tiatr, with sleek direction. It focuses on communal harmony and desecration of crosses that lead to mayhem among the members of the family. There are various developments taking place, both in the family and the village.As a mother to her sons, Carmin has played her role with gusto. Nevil, Prakash as siblings and Aveena as the daughter-in-law have extended good support in the main cast. Rocky as the police inspector comes in with authority and command. But Elvis as an MLA does justice to his negative character, though he could have come even more emphatic with his dialogue delivery.In the comic acts, Saby, Rizton and Jolicia form a perfect trio for some laughter pills on the stage. Jolicia, the new comer on stage, displays ample talent and has all the makings of a promising comedienne.In the category of songs, Xavier Gomes, Aveena, Rizton, Mariano Fernandes entertain with solos, Elvis/Carmin, Aveena and Nevil present duets, Saby, Rizton and Mariano render a trio, Eugenia, Vernon, Delanne and Ramson render a quartet, Lia and Raisa provide a choral.The Directors Elvis/Carmin wants to say that desecration of crosses does not mean destruction of faith. On the contrary, those acts should help for the growth in deeper faith. [H]

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