‘Konkani filmmakers don’t have an industry’


Dnyanesh Moghe, Goa's sole claim to fame at this year's International Film Festival of India (Iffi) believes sheer determination can work wonders when producing cinematic brilliance. That his film would attract a huge audience on home ground was a given, but the reaction it received left Moghe stumped.
"Every director hopes that the film that he or she has worked on will be received well, the response to Digant, my first major film was much more than expected," he said.
Digant showcases the urban rural divided through a story based on a relationship between a father and son from the dhangar (sheperd) community. It explores the varying ideas of freedom and stability. Ambition and career don't exist in the world of the father who is happy in his zone. "It challenges our notions of stability he said. The father didn't think owning a house was a priority," Moghe said.
"Konkani filmmakers face problems of a different kind because we don't have an industry," he said adding that recovering the costs incurred was a very daunting task.
The film which was partly supported by the Film Finance Scheme, gave an impetus to the director. "The term support is relative. There is a lot of scope for more support technically or financially that can go along way in helping directors like me," he said. With a degree from Xavier's institute for Communications, Mumbai, Moghe feels it is necessary to create the right educational infrastructure to train aspiring filmmakers. [TOI]