The Kadamba Transport Corporation continues to be in the red, despite it running nationalised monopoly routes, as it recorded loss of around Rs 15 crore for the current 2012-13 fiscal. The deficit is slightly higher, compared to last year, where a loss of Rs 14 crore was incurred. 
The KTC however, is exploring a series of avenues, from shifting buses from diesel to environment-friendly Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), new inter and intrastate routes, additional fleet and workforce, to make its functioning profitable. 
According to statistics the total financial loss incurred by KTC for 2011-12 has been Rs 14 crore, while for 2010-11 it was Rs 13 crore and in 2009-10 KTC incurred loss of Rs 14 crore.
Addressing a press conference on Thursday, KTC Chairman Carlos Almeida said that though introducing monthly pass scheme and e-ticketing helped in increasing the revenue for January and February, the overall financial position remained weak. 
Almeida said that Corporation also aims at replacing old buses in a phased manner and 145 buses with investment of Rs 30 crore would be purchased, in 2013, he added. In the next five years, Rs 110 crore provisions would be made to purchase 425 new buses, KTC currently has a fleet of 411. 
Apart from this, KTC has plans to introduce total 100 new routes ~ 80 intrastate and 20 (Maharashtra and Karnataka) interstate routes. Currently, KTC buses runs on 242 intra state and 84 inter state routes with total 80,000 kms per day. 
For the current financial year, KTC managed to earn revenue of Rs 100 crore while its expenditure was almost Rs 115 crore. Corporation spends almost Rs 2.50 crore on diesel every month; the Chairman said that CNG is the only way of reducing 50 per cent expenditure on consumption of diesel. “The Corporation is already running in huge loss as its expenditure is much more than its monthly revenues. These eco-friendly buses will prove more cost-effective than diesel buses,” Almeida said.
He said that the proposal, which is based on proposed supply of gas from GAIL’s pipeline, is under State government consideration. The introduction of new routes will increase the operation by another 24000 per kms per day.   There is also a demand for 144 more routes, which are under consideration. 
…refers 40 ‘drunk driving’ cases  to Medical Council
PANJIM: Coming down heavily on drunken driving among its 767 drivers, the Kadamba Transport Corporation Limited has referred a total of 40 cases to Goa Medical Council, to test if they were drunk while on duty. They would be dismissed if they tested positive, KTCL Managing Director Deryik Netto said. 
Netto said that there has been increase in number of alcohol prone drivers. “There are increasing number of absentees. And a medical report from our doctor reveals that they are suffering from hypertension, making it clear that they are addicted to some form of drug,” he added. Netto said that Corporation has already suspended three to four drivers after it was found that they are highly addicted to alcohol. KTCL has around 767 drivers on buses running on inter and intrastate routes. 
Meanwhile, the Corporation is also planning to introduce a special scheme for aged drivers, wherein they would be asked to take VRS or will be provided monetary benefits. “The drivers after certain age are not physically fit to drive these buses. So we have decided that all those drivers who have completed 55 years would be asked to take VRS,” MD said adding ‘the list has already been prepared.  [H]