KTC to issue tickets electronically in new year


The Kadamba Transport Corporation (KTC) is all set to usher in the New Year with a high-tech facility, as Electronic Ticket Issuing Machines (ETIMs) are to be installed in buses along major routes from January 1.
“The ETIMs will be installed along the Vasco, Panjim and Panjim and Margao route for the first 15 days and within two months, all KTC buses will be installed with the ETIMs,” KTC chairman and Vasco MLA Carlos Almeida told Herald.
Justifying the use of ETIMs, Almeida said the printing of tickets was an expensive exercise for the KTC. “Besides, the ETIMs will stop the pilferage of money which is presently taking place among some conductors. This system will not only help the corporation generate extra revenue, but will also reduce the workforce. With the installation of these machines, a lot of time and labour will be saved and this will add to the profit of the corporation,” Almeida added.
While the ETIMs will also generate a ticket to the passenger, Almeida claimed that the ETIMs would have greater benefits as compared to the previous tickets handed out by conductors.
“Under the present system, tickets are printed in different denominations and this adds to the cost. The ETIM will have only one paper to print out tickets of different denominations,” said Almeida.
“Moreover, the workload of the conductor in compiling a daily report, tallying the cash and submitting it to the depot-in-charge will be reduced, as the ETIMs can be directly connected to computers. The data can then be immediately transferred to the KTC head office for assessment,” Almeida added. 
Explaining the ETIM system, Almeida said the KTC buses equipped with ETIMs will only have a front door entry. 
“This is because the ETIMs machines will either be with the conductors or with the driver-conductors, who will punch in the destination and commuter will have to pay the amount to the conductor/driver,” added Almeida..
Almeida said that each machine costs rupees 25 lakhs and the amount will be recovered within one year. 
Almeida expressed his gratitude to Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar for honouring his promise during the last assembly session, regarding the introduction of the ETIMs and travel concessions to commuters. [H]