Kundaim Industrial Estate road, a disaster in waiting!

Kundaim: Kundaim Industrial Estate’s main arterial road poses a death trap precisely about 400 metres away from the entry of the main industrial gate, near a prominent pharmaceutical company, up to the Fire Station.

A lot of double parking of private vehicles, trucks on either sides of the road…As a result, the road is turned into a single lane road (as seen in the picture), resulting in bottlenecks throughout the day. Many experienced near-miss accident incidents.

Moreover, the industrial estate has a HP Gas refilling plant and numerous chemical factories and in the case of emergencies such as fire, gas leakage, chemical leaks, the rescue and evacuation operations will hit the road block, only leading to chaos and thus, hamper the operations which can result in mass casualties.

Moreover, this is the only road to escape as there is no secondary escape route. We often see RTO officials in the industrial estate who book petty offences against poor industrial workers, for instance, for not wearing helmets, but they fail to take action against those responsible for this double parking. It is indeed surprising that they overlook a big disaster in waiting.

The main industrial estate road should be free of double parking in the best interests of the safety of all working in the industrial estate. [H]