Kuvelkar voted president of Loutolim Comunidade

MARGAO: Elections for the Managing Committee of Comunidade of Loutolim for the triennium from 2013-2016 were held on Sunday.
Three separate panels had fielded their nominees for the three posts of President, Attorney and Treasurer. Hari Raoji Sinai Kuvelkar alias Somnath Kuvelkar was elected as President, Blaise Brito was elected as Attorney and Joseph Telles Silva was elected as Treasurer.
Previous elections had always been unanimous with components not taking much interest in the elections. But, this time there was a contest for the first time, with door to door campaigning including contestants and supporters visiting components residing in different parts of the State to ensure support and votes for their individual panels.
The elections were hotly contested with components (zonnkars and share holders) even from far off places arriving to participate in the elections”, he said. [H]