Lasik eye treatment to be inaugurated at Vision Multi Speciality Hospital

 Lasik Eye Centre in collaboration with Maxivision will shortly be commissioning its eye treatment service at Vision Multi Speciality Hospital at Duler, Mapusa.

Addressing a press conference, Dr Chandrakant Shetye, owner of Vision Multi Speciality, has completed ten years in the field of ophthalmology. He said that he has always been striving to provide the best of eye treatment facilities to patients in the state.
Dr Shetye recalled his earlier days after obtaining his fellowship from the Arvind Eye Hospital when he started practicing in Mapusa in a small clinic. He went ahead and started introduced super speciality eye care treatment at a reasonable cost.
“The initial years of starting the practice were difficult but the resolve remained firm and in 2005 we started providing nearly all super specialities in ophthalmology,” informed Dr Shetye.
He further said that he is also catering to patients in Sawantwadi as he had started a clinic there 10 years ago.
“I have always worked hard to provide the best of eye care treatment in Goa, I have also performed many eye operations, unfortunately I still habour a dream of starting an eye bank in Goa which is the need of the hour for which a cornea consultant will be required. This may be achieved within the next one or two years but my immediate plan now is to start Lasik eye surgery in collaboration with Maxivision,” he informed.
Dr Shetye said that Maxivision was founded in India on February 10, 1996 by Dr K P Reddy who also started the first Lasik centre in India at Hyderabad.
“Since its inception, about 2.4 million persons have received outpatient eye care and over 285,000 others have undergone eye surgery at Maxivison Eye Hospitals,” he added.
Dr Shetye, who also started Vision Multi Speciality Hospital at Mapusa, Duler in June this year, informed that as a social responsibility he has also conducted various cataract operations with the help of NGOs and now he had brought all specialist doctors who are treating patients at the Vision Multi Speciality Hospital at Mapusa.
“I entered the medical field through opthalmology but now I want to take this field in Goa to greater heights. It is also my desire to see that patients coming to my hospital get the best of treatment. We have specialist doctors, state-of-the-art medical equipments and a fully clean and infection-free hospital. We are also taking utmost care to see that no disease is spread through infection,” he mentioned.
With regards to eye care, he said that patients now need not visit eye specialist hospitals outside Goa as Vision Hospital was offering the best facilities in eye care and with the commencement of Lasik eye treatment, it would be a new chapter for the hospital. [NT]