Lecture-basis teachers to get salaries on time: Directorate of education


 The directorate of education (DoE) is trying to streamline the payment of salaries to lecture basis teachers with senior officials issuing orders to deploy additional staff to clear the backlog of payments by January-end.
Officials found that payments for the months of July and August were being processed by the directorate administration in January, following which orders have been issued to the administration branch to ensure that payments of upto December 2012 to lecture basis teachers are cleared by January 31, 2012.
"Inspite of verbal instructions, sanction order for payment to lecture basis teachers are not issued on time," the order dated January 18, 2013, states.
According to the new process laid down in the order, the headmasters of the schools where lecture basis teachers are employed will have to prepare a detailed list of the classes conducted by the lecture basis teachers till the last day of the previous month. One lecture basis teacher will be appointed to bring the list and inward it at the DoE every month.
Headmasters will be bound to submit the details before the 3rd of every month and the DoE administrative branch has been asked to issue the sanction for the payments by 10th of each month, according to the orders.
"The present orders are to ensure that the lecture basis teachers are paid their remuneration in time and they do not have to wait months together for their payments. Noncompliance of the orders will be viewed seriously and disciplinary action will be taken against the erring officials," the orders from DoE state.
DoE administration section has been told to deploy additional staff to complete the backlog of payments and headmasters have been told to send details of all payments pending to the education headquarters this month so the payments can be cleared by January end. [TOI]