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Let courts handle tenancy cases: Two Comunidades

Margao: The Comunidades of Cortalim and Nagoa have echoed in unison their view of letting tenancy cases be handled by Courts rather than at politically-influenced mamlatdar courts.The President of the South Goa Comunidades Forum and attorney of the Cortalim and Nagoa Comunidade Joao Philip Pereira has alleged that the government was responsible for limiting the Gaonkari and comunidade systems that is unique to Goa.The move of having separate mamlatdars and exclusive mamlatdar courts will only succeed if they are given exclusive and only the court charge and not given additional duties. The legal part of the cases should be decided by courts, he said. Mamlatdar are sometimes politically-influenced and since the agriculture tenancy Act we are always on the back foot. In this way we have no say as the mamlatdars have a final say. The comunidades have always been on the losing end due to these factors, he added.
The attorney of two comunidades and share-holder in others said the agricultural tenancy Act has had adverse impacts on the area of land under cultivation, adding that even after having sections in law to conserve the lands transferred to the tenants no follow-ups have been done.He also clarified that the cases at mamlatdar courts will not help the cause of the preservation of the Gaonkari system and comunidade as the mamlatdars will naturally support the government, which Philip alleged was trying to capture and make illegal constructions legal for political gains.Government has no land and is acquiring the age old Gaonkari and comunidade land for plans not meant for the projects and plans they are taking up.The Margao and Verna comunidade has already been on record that they are against shifting of cases to the Mamlatdar courts from Courts and the Comunidade forum opinion now has given more importance to the issue of the age-old land holding and tilling system of Goa. [H]

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