Let debates be open, say mining dependents


Mining dependent people, who descended on the commercial capital on Saturday, maintained they had come to object to the closed-door seminar at the CB Blue chip and assert that mining issues should be discussed and debated in the open.
Sameer Kurdikar warned that the mining-dependent people will not keep quite if the NGOs are hell bent in targeting the mining-dependent people on the pretext of protecting the environment. “These NGOs are responsible for taking away our livelihoods. They cannot hold seminars and debates in air-conditioned rooms. They should come out from the AC rooms and have an open debate on the mining issue,” he asserted and challenged the NGOs to join a debate with the mining-affected people.
He said that it has not been proved till date that mining in Goa was illegal and demanded to know why the authorities have not arrested anyone if the activity was illegal. 
Ashok Karpe told newsmen that the mining-dependent people had come to Margao to find out what’s being discussed on the Shah Commission report. He, however, said that that they found the NGOs holding the debate in closed room, thus denying them the right to put across their point of view on the issue. Anand Naik accused the NGOs for trying to finish workers employed in the mining sector. “We are also concerned about the environment. If the NGOs wanted a debate on mining, they should have invited us too since we are the most affected by the closure,” he added. [H]