Licences of boat tour operators likely to be cancelled for violating business norms

Panaji: Licenses of boat tour operators at Miramar beach are likely to be cancelled for violating norms of business and creating nuisance on the beach. This was revealed by the Commissioner of Corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP) Sanjit Rodrigues.

The Commissioner has written a letter to the Captain of Ports in this regard demanding details of the boats/persons/agencies, which are authorized /permitted by the department for conducting such activities at the Miramar beach.

“Whether if any approval from the corporation was taken by these tour operators or not and information may be forwarded on a priority basis, so as to enable them (CCP) to take necessary action against them.”

He has alleged that “there are several complaints that the tour operators are conducting their business in haphazard manner and they dock and service their boats and conduct their activities in an haphazard manner causing hindrance to the public/tourists movement. It is also found that cooking and washing on the beach are also undertaken thereby causing further nuisance. Miramar beach is centrally located tourist attraction spot, and such activities ruin the beauty of the beach and rude attitude of the tour operators earn a bad name for the capital city of Panaji as well as to the state of Goa.”

The letter further states that there were many incidents of conflict between the tourists and the tour operators in the past.

“Some videos of such incidents have gone viral across the cyber sites and were seen on the Face-Book and You Tube too thus bringing bad name to the state of Goa. In view of these incidents, corporation had taken up the matter at its meeting dated October 30 and decided that these tour operators would not be permitted to operate from
Miramar beach.” [NT]