Life of Pi – Open for Interpretation

‘ Life of Pi’ had its screening in India at the 43rd International Film Festival of India and it left a mark on the audience. Besides the beautiful visuals, the story has been told through the direction of a master storyteller Ang Lee. “ It is an amazing honour to work on the film with Ang Lee, and working with Irfan Khan, Tabu, Suraj Sharma and the entire Indian crew. To work with Ang you have to do your research well,” said David Womark, producer of ‘ Life of Pi’. “ In one of the notes by college students in the US, I read that theme of the book is the power of faith, for me it was the power of storytelling through Ang Lee.”

Avy Kaufman, casting director, ‘ Life of Pi’ said, “ Searching for Pi through the different ages was like putting a puzzle together. I had to find the right person who could deliver the thought of Ang Lee and when Suraj walked in, he delivered his lines and he was Pi.” Tabu started out by saying that this was the time when one can actually enjoy movies, “ Three years back, I was here as Jury member and could not enjoy the festival. It is an honour to be part of the vision of Ang Lee for Pi. We are instrumental in getting you a big story. I am a big fan of Ang Lee and took the part to work with him. Though a small role, it is a significant for the film as the mother of the boy. ” “ The story of ‘ Life of Pi’ for me is a story of a tiger which symbolizes innocence and existence on the planet, or that of a boy who services and shows the power of victory or it can be of a boat that was never used before. The film can be viewed from different angles and in this age of shortcuts, it sums up God’s existence for us. You have to discover God yourself. I am lucky to be part of the story,” said Irfan Khan.

The film was shot in Taiwan and India, and is in 3D. “ Water, kids and animals are the unholy trinity on a film set. Suraj had to lose weight from 150 pounds to 135 pounds and we had to shoot chronologically,” said David.