Lifeguards rescue Russian, fishermen


 Lifeguards carried out rescue operations on Friday in which two fishermen and a Russian tourist were saved from drowning off the Colva and Betalbatim beaches respectively.
On Friday, at about 5pm, approximately 300m north of Colva tower, a lifeguard spotted a fishing boat returning to shore.
When they were about 70m from the shore, a huge wave tilted the boat to one side. Lifeguards Roshan Bait and Shashikant Naik observed two fishermen falling out of the boat and rushed to their aid. Both victims, Antonio Fernandes, 60, of Colva and 48-year-old Nepal native, Shankar Tamanna, were secured with a rescue tube and brought ashore. As one victim had a breathing problem, he was shifted to Hospicio, Margao, by a SLSG patrol jeep for further treatment. Earlier, at about 1 pm, approximately 70m north of Betalbatim tower, a Russian man, Vadyamara, 70, drifted into a lateral current and his wife called the lifeguard for help. Lifeguard Ashish Betodkar rushed to their aid with a rescue board.  [TOI]