Light showers break dry spell in Panaji

An overcast sky in the afternoon followed by a clap of thunder on Friday was a welcome sign of a break in the longest dry spell of the season. The spell had raised some concerns among the farming community.

The city received some light showers in the evening which provided relief from the heat. The temperature was a degree above normal for the last few days.

"A total of 02.0mm of rainfall was recorded on Friday evening," a source at meteorological centre, Altinho, said. The light drizzle started at 5.35pm and continued till 7.15pm. Heavy rainfall was reported in Margao and some other centres, but no information was available.

With barely two days remaining for the monsoon season to end, the seasonal total which has reached 2689.3 (about 107 inches) is unlikely to surge much further.

The state had witnessed the longest dry spell of the season from September 22 barring 1.0mm recorded on September 24, 2012. Overall, the monsoon season has been normal., although the rainfall in July was deficient.

The met department has forecast a cloudy sky with one or two spells or rain or thundershowers in and around Panaji. The minimum and maximum temperature is likely to slide down a little bit. [TOI]