Liquor bottles disguised as wire bundles seized


RPF has seized 1,020 bottles and 282 pouches of liquor on Monday evening while being uploaded onto Mumbai-bound Konkan Kanya Express.
The bottles were packed in a form resembling wire bundles. RPF inspector L H Korlahalli who was on his usual round noticed seven bundles dumped near a drinking water tap on platform one.
Korlahalli tore open one of the bundles on suspicion only to find liquor bottles hidden in them. All seven bundles were seized and brought to the office. After counting the same they were handed over to the excise inspector, government of Goa.
Witnesses said that four ladies entered the railway station from the entrance opposite Azad Nagari, Calconda, and brought the seven bundles there. The seized liquor would fetch three times as much in Mumbai than in Goa, said Korlahalli. [TOI]