Liquor sachets banned


The government has finally imposed a ban on the possession and sale of liquor in cheap plastic sachets, four months after Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar assured its ban in the Legislative Assembly. 
A notification issued by the Finance Department on Thursday states that easy availability and uncontrolled sale of sachet/pouch liquor by retailers has lured the student community creating a negative impact and tension in the society.  
“The consumption takes place also by a section of the public, mainly by migrant labourers, who discard the empty sachets/pouches on the roads, roadside gutters, nullahs and waterways, thereby blocking and choking the drainages and waterway systems, thus causing an environmental pollution in the towns and villages…” the notification reads as. 
Herald on November 29 had reported about the rampant sale of cheap whisky and brandy in plastic sachets costing just Rs 7.50, across several liquor stores. 
These are a favourite among the students and migrant community.   [H]