Liquor sale in sachets banned


 The state government has banned the sale of liquor-Indian made foreign liquor and country liquor-in sachets and pouches in Goa.
A recent notification by the finance department noted that the easy availability of liquor (IMFL/CL) in sachets and pouches and their uncontrolled sale has lured students to experiment with liquor which has created a negative impact and tension in society.
The notification also said that consumption of liquor from sachets and pouches takes place among migrant labourers, who discard the empty sachets and pouches on roads, in gutters, nullahs and waterways, thereby blocking and chocking the drainages and waterway systems, thus causing environmental pollution in the towns and villages.
Chief minister Manohar Parrikar had, in August, assured the legislative assembly that the government would stop packaging of alcohol in small plastic sachets as these were being peddled to students. He had also remarked that discarded plastic sachets and pouches were causing an environmental problem in the state.
Sanvordem BJP MLA Ganesh Gaonkar had raised the issue of alcohol packed in small plastic sachets being sold to students at Rs 5 each. [TOI]