Liquor worth Rs 16,000 seized


Canacona Excise officials seized liquor worth Rs 16,000 from a car at Polem check post on Monday night, while the occupants in the car fled from the site.
The officials have seized all the liquor bottles hidden in the car and have also attached the car.
It is learnt that Canacona Excise Inspector Shamba Naik, who was on a night vigil at the Polem check post, intercepted the car (KA-30-M-5133) and finding something fishy, inspected the vehicle.
While Naik and his staff were checking the vehicle, the occupants of the car fled under the cover of the darkness leaving behind the liquor. 
The value of the seized liquor is estimated at about Rs 16,000 in Goa, while the value is more than double in Karnataka.
Sources informed that the name of the car owner was not known as no documents were found in the car.
“Nowadays, liquor smugglers prefer to carry Goan liquor outside the State in old vehicles. This is because if vehicles are seized along with the contraband liquor, there is no market value for vehicles as they get rusted for years during the disposal of the case,” sources in the Excise department told Herald.
Naik told Herald that they will contact the Karnataka RTO to find out the owner of the car and bring him to Goa for interrogation. [H]