Locals aggrieved over hardships caused by HP gas dealers in Mapusa, Siolim

 A large number of LPG consumers, being served by the HP gas agencies in Mapusa and Siolim, have expressed  disgust over the fact that the agencies were treating them very badly and not only the consumers were being taken for granted but even home delivery of refill cylinders was stopped without any intimation.

What is surprising is the fact that even in his own village there does not seem to be any control over the agency by the Civil Supplies Minister, Mr Dayanand Mandrekar.
Locals from Siolim have pointed out that it is nearly a month that the HP distributor in Siolim has stopped home delivery and the minister has not done anything about the issue.
A local from Mapusa Mr Pingulkar has bitterly complained that the HP gas distributor in Mapusa was calling people to the office and making them wait in queues for a long time.
He sought to know how a working person could afford to miss his work and go and wait in queues for  hours together for any cylinder related work.
Similar is the situation in Siolim where a  cylinder consumer  from the Siolim Consumer Forum has also taken umbrage over the manner in which the local HP distributor of gas cylinder there was causing untold misery to the consumers.
The consumer pointed out that all of a sudden home delivery of  refill gas cylinders had stopped a month  back and people had to go the depot to fetch their cylinders.
Some consumers were more critical of the way the distributor was treating them and felt that the Director of Civil Supplies must intervene and take strict action against the distributor as repeated complaints to him have served no purpose.
The issue had also figured in the recent gram sabha where locals had expressed anguish over the manner the  HP gas distributor was treating the consumers.
Repeated efforts to contact the official from the  agency distributor  bore no results.
Meanwhile, the Civil Supplies Minister, Mr Mandrekar when contacted said that the Director of Civil Supplies must act in the matter as he has already given the necessary instructions.
Mr Mandrekar agreed that home delivery could not be stopped arbitrarily by the gas distributor and added that he would pursue the matter.
A HP official informed that they were trying to streamline the functioning and with a big list of consumers they were trying to solve  their hardships though at present there could be little problem for the consumers. [NT]