Locals complain of illegal sand extraction in Siolim

Mapusa: The residents of Bhati in Siolim have complained to their MLA Vinod Palyekar that there is an increase in illegal sand extraction in the village.

Villagers claimed that since several months illegal sand extraction activities are going on the bank of river Chapora even after filing several complaints at the departments concerned.

So far, the same spot was raided thrice; however, the illegal activity has not stopped.

Locals say that the area where the activities are going on is a residential area and the local police station is just a kilometer away from the extraction spot. Locals also alleged that the department concerned has failed to stop sand extraction.

After listening to the complaint of the people, the MLA reportedly assured to solve this issue.

“Several times we complained. Three times the department concerned raided the spot,” a villager said. [H]