Locals oppose synthetic track at Peddem ground


 Around 200 sports lovers who use the Peddem ground in Mapusa, have come out strongly against the laying of the synthetic track at the ground and have warned that they will form a committee, approach the courts and bring a stay order on the work.
Around 200 people using the Peddem ground assembled at the ground on Sunday, voicing their protest against laying of a synthetic track at the ground for the upcoming Lusofonia Games, scheduled to be held this November.
The sports lovers pointed that even in the present situation Peddem ground was lacking in various facilities and the government, in spite of its tall talk on promoting sports, was doing nothing for the Peddem ground.
The protestors informed that once the synthetic track was laid the ground would become smaller for daily use and nobody would be allowed to use the synthetic track and therefore, this would mean depriving the local people of using the ground for their daily exercises.
Mr Jitesh Kamat addressing the people said that if the government is really interested in developing sports, then whatever upgradation is done at the Peddem ground should not be by depriving the people from using the ground.
Mr Kamat said that the Peddem ground was the only prominent ground in Bardez, which was centrally located and where people could come anytime for any sports or other activities.
He said that this ground should remain completely open always for public use if the government is really keen in promoting sports.
Mr Ashish Shirodkar, former chairperson of the MMC, also felt that the laying of a synthetic track, which would be used only for events, and keeping it closed for daily use made no sense and added that he felt that this ground should always be available to locals for use.
He urged the government to reconsider its decision of closing a section of the ground after laying the synthetic track and argued that it should always be open.
Mr Sushant Naik and Mr Vijay Bhike also spoke and expressed their feelings.
It was also decided to form a committee that would chalk out the next course of action.  [NT]