Locals spot Assagao murder accused in Siolim


Teams of the Anjuna and Mapusa police searched the jungles of Camurlim, Cuchelim and Sodiem in Siolim for the Assagao murder accused after locals allegedly spotted him various times in the area.
Main accused Ranjit Tuyekar in the Assagao murder case was allegedly spotted in areas of Siolim, Camurlim asking for food and water from people, sources said. Around 50 policemen along with about 100 locals searched for Tuyekar on Tuesday and Wednesday but could not nab him. Sources said that Anjuna PI Vishwesh Karpe, PSI Videsh Pilgaonkar and their teams assisted by the staff of the IRB searched the jungles of Camurlim, Cuchelim, Caisua and Sodiem from 8am till 1pm on Wednesday but could not trace the accused. On Tuesday night a team of Mapusa police conducted a search but they too could not get any clues about his whereabouts.
"We have given photographs of the accused and telephone numbers to contact the police. As these are deep jungles, it was difficult to conduct search raids, we are on the lookout for him" Anjuna PI Vishwesh Karpe said.
The main accused in the Assagao murder case was allegedly spotted in Siolim in last month. He was noticed by one of the locals who caught hold of him but the accused managed to give him the slip. The police were informed about the incident and they chased him, but it was futile. The suspect is still at large since the day of the incident.
Rekha Ramchandra Kharat, 19, was found murdered in the forest area in Assagao on January 18. [TOI]