Locals, tourists dance to Shigmo beats at Mapusa


Mapusa reverberated to the tunes of dhol and tase at the Shigmo parade held on Sunday. Hundreds of revelers gathered on the streets amid the beating of drums and reverberating music. 
The celebrations included colourful street floats, folk music and dances, sword dances and spraying of colours, and a procession that passed through the streets of Mapusa. 
People from Mapusa and surrounding village thronged the streets to witness the annual Shigmo parade. The parade, which was organized by the Mapusa Shigmotsav Samiti and tourism department started from Alankar theatre at 6pm and converged near Bodgeshwar Temple. 
Sources said that around 50 floats, 10 romtamel, 20 folk dance troupes and 20 fancy dress participants took part in the parade, which covered a distance of 2km. 
Tableaux depicting mythological and religious scenes from Mahabharat and Ramayana enthralled the locals as well as tourists. 
The parade also included martial art dances like Ghode modni (horse dance). The Shigmo procession received an overwhelming response with the streets filled with spectators along the parade route.  [TOI]