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Long wait for KTC shuttles vexes daily commuters

Panaji: Commuters travelling to Vasco and Margao from Panaji by shuttle service often have to wait for long at the ticket counter due to serpentine queues.Irate citizens voicing their grievance said during peak hours sometimes the wait at the ticket counter extends to up to an hour.”KTC authorities should increase the number of buses. If not through the day, they can at least add more buses during peak hours and have more than one boarding point during that time,” said Sheetal Sarang, a regular commuter.Commuters travelling from Vasco and Margao to Panaji in the morning face a similar issue. Serpentine queues are seen from 8am to 9am in Vasco and from 7.30am to 9am in Margao.”Since the morning queue ends up delaying us by almost an hour, we leave from home two hours in advance,” said Vasco-resident, Varsha Kumari, a student of a city college.
“Leaving way ahead of time not only wastes precious hours, but is also taking a toll on my health as I don’t get enough sleep and am always stressed about making it on time,” she added.With no better alternative to the shuttle service commuters opt to wait at the ticket counters instead.”We wait because the shuttle service is better than the KTC local or private bus service. It is frustrating that even the best service is not up to the mark,” said Ashirva Kavlekar, a commuter.General manager, Kadamba Transport Corporation Ltd, Sanjay L Ghate said that currently they have no plans to increase the fleet of shuttle buses on the Margao and Vasco routes.”We cannot just add buses on these routes. It is difficult to judge how many passengers will turn up during peak hours on each and every day. The issue of passengers having to wait is often seen in metros. In Goa, it is only during peak hours.”At present there are 49 buses, including shuttles, on the Panaji to Margao route and 19 buses on the Panaji to Vasco route. The shuttles make 70-75 trips daily basis between Margao and Panaji and 25 trips between Vasco and the capital city. [TOI]

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