Loutulim passes surplus budget of Rs 3.85 cr

The Loutulim gram sabha presided over by acting sarpanch Mario Cruz on Sunday passed a surplus budget for over Rs 3.85 crore for the year 2013-14.
A close look to the proposed budget shows that among various head of expenditure the amount to be spend is Rs 24.60 lakh on administration, Rs 1.10 lakh sanitation, Rs 2.4385 lakh on public works, Rs 2.75 lakh planning and development, Rs one lakh on social welfare, Rs 7.25 lakh on education & culture, Rs two lakh well repair, Rs 40,000 library and Rs 60,000 on cattle pond.
The gram sabha also resolved to demand special status for Goa in line with Jammu and Kashmir with a cut off date of 1961 to save the State from the clutches of people from other States. Gram sabha members speaking at the meeting expressed fears that Goan identity shall be destroyed if the present trend continues. They said the need of the hour is to demand special status for Goa to safeguard Goan identity. [H]