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Madai will dry up if Mhadei water is diverted: Villagers

The ongoing Mhadei River diversion will first affect very badly the Madai village. Since this village’s livelihood depends on Mhadei River for the past two decades. Madai villagers are using Mhadei river water for drinking, irrigation and for their agriculture farms.This village is located very close to Mhadei River and hence the name Madai. “In summer season, Mhadei River is getting dry and we are facing acute water problem in village,” say villagers.“We are getting tap water, thrice a week, for only one hour. And that tap water is not coming at a fixed time. We have to wait for hours together and keep vigil leaving aside all our other chores,” the villagers added.
In Madai Village there are around 400 plus villagers residing in 40 houses. This village comes under Bhirondem Panchayat and falls in Poriem constituency and is 13 kms away from Valpoi town.“A 2 MLD water plant project worth Rs 2 crore was already tendered in the year 2008 but till today the government has not given a work order. Our houses are situated on hilly area and because of height the pressure is not enough to pump water to our houses,” the villagers say.All the village women are using Mhadei river water every day in our day-today life for cooking food, cleaning clothes, bathing, etc, for the past several years. Our life depends on Mhadei River. We demand the Government not to divert Mhadei river water to Karnataka,” says an elderly village woman, Yamuna Gawde.
“I am using Mhadei river water for irrigation for the past ten years. I have fixed a water pump in the Mhadei River and I pump water every day to my house. There is no other water source in our village, no spring and no well. Our village’s water source is only Mhadei river,” says Jairam Khatekar, a villager.
The water from Dabose plant is not reaching our village. There is a water tank in Padeli village but water from that tank never reaches our village because of the hilly area. Now I will raise the issue of water shortage problem in the coming gram sabha January 26,” says Gokuldas Gawde, ex panch member of Madai Village.“Mhadei River is the mother of Bhironda Panchayat. All the villages from Bhironda Panchayat area are totally depending on Mhadei river. Water is not coming to our taps. The water supply department is supplying water in our Panchayat area through water tankers for the last 15 years. But these water tankers never come on time. If Mhadei river water is diverted to Karnataka, then our Panchayat area people will face an acute water problem. So we will now discuss the Mhadei diversion issue in our gram sabha,” says Nitin Shivdekar, Sarpanch of Bhironda Panchayat. [H]

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