Major fire tragedy averted at Mapusa market


 A major fire tragedy was averted at the Mapusa Market by fire personnel, who rushed to the spot in time and put out the fire suspected to have been deliberately set by some miscreants  to the goods left behind by the roadside vendors, who sit in the market, during the wee hours of Sunday.
No sooner did the Mapusa fire personnel receive information they rushed  to the spot and found fire at different places.
A total loss of about Rs 3.5 lakh has been estimated by the fire personnel.
According to information obtained from the fire personnel, at around 3 a.m. on Sunday morning  fire was noticed at  four different places in the market. This fire was set to the goods left behind by the daily roadside vendors who sit in the
The fire personnel then swung into action and immediately made efforts to put off the fire. Altogether  goods of 14 roadside vendors  were destroyed  with a loss being put by them at Rs 12 lakh, however, fire personnel put the loss at Rs 3.5 lakhs.
The chairperson of Mapusa Municipal Council, Mr Sudhir Khandolkar, when contacted said that it  was a clear case of sabotage from the way the fire was set.
Mr Khandolkar said that the fire was noticed at different places where there is no possibility of a short circuit, besides he also said that there was no question of short circuit fire at the goods kept outside. 
Meanwhile, the president of Mapusa Merchants  Association, Mr Yeshwant Gaundalkar  squarely blamed the municipality for this fire saying that inspite of repeated requests not to allow the vendors to leave behind their goods during the night, nothing has happened.”
“We have been time and again requesting the municipality officials to take action against these vendors and not allow them to leave their goods out at night. This is a result of inaction by the municipality and in this some shops have also been partly affected. We blame the municipality for this fire,” he said.
Mr Gaundalkar also praised the efforts of the fire personnel for reaching in time and preventing a major tragedy. [NT]