Make inquiry report on Velim priest’s raid public’


Locals from Velim constituency have submitted a memorandum to the governor, chief minister, archbishop and the council for social justice and peace demanding that the inquiry into the year-old pre-election incident wherein the parish priest of St Francis Xavier church came under the police radar, be made public.
The locals were referring to the incident that took place on February 6, 2012, when a raid by the Goa police was conducted on Fr Roman Gonsalves."One year has passed and there is no clue if the investigation is in process or has been completed, its status and who was behind it, was it real or was it a hoax or just to defame a priest," said Chinchinim resident Michael Beny Da Costa in the memorandum. Da Costa had filed his nominations for the assembly elections and later withdrew from the fray. Incidentally, Clifton de Souza who also contested the elections, said in the memorandum, "As the present MLA and the former MLA has not taken interest in the incident, we felt it was our duty to awaken the system. I have full faith that you will look into the matter and give justice".
The memorandum further stated that the 'purpose of writing this letter is to find out the facts'. The memorandum listed four questions which included whether or not the basis on which the raid was conducted was a real complaint or a false one.
"Are government authorities aware as to who defamed the priest by complaining?" was another question.
The other two questions was to know what was the status of the inquiry and how many people were called in by the investigating authority. [TOI]