Malaria on the rise in Goa

Goa has registered 935 malaria cases upto August this year, which are the highest recorded in the last five years, and 194 cases more than last year.

In 2011, the state had 741 registered cases of malaria, over the same period.

Directorate of Health Services statistics reveal that July and August 2012 were the worst months during which 309 and 145 cases of malaria were contracted respectively, leading to the high figures.

Speaking to Herald, Dr Sachin Govekar deputy director of National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme said that these months were ‘bad’ because of various reasons, among them could be the laxity shown by people especially since the incidence of the disease had come down. He however expressed the hope that overall incidence of malaria for the year may be less compared with last year.

“The last two months the cases were high, but we expect that in the next few months they will come down and may be less than last year,” Govekar said.

However with 2011 recording a total of 1187 malaria cases from January to December, and this year already clocking 935 cases till August end,  the state health department has a huge task on its hands.

To its credit, from January to August of 2010, 1573 malaria cases were recorded, which the health department managed to bring down to 741 in 2011. But the feared disease is raising its ugly head once again in 2012. [H]