Many women cops shy away from field duty

Even as the government is planning to induct more women police officials in order to ensure safety of women and girls, information available with the Goa police reveals that many women cops shy away from performing field duties.

According to a top police official, within a year or so of joining the police force, many women officials seek clerical jobs or hunt for official work instead of performing duty as a sub-head officer (SHO) as official work is easier compared to the tougher field duties.

The police official said that field duties are usually difficult and involve a lot of risks. One also needs to work in shifts, attend courts and escort criminals, he said further adding that many women find it difficult to adjust to such duties as they have the additional responsibility of performing their household chores, looking after their children’s education etc.

Even though it is mentioned in the service conditions that they will have to perform field duties and attend night shifts in police stations and women police stations, many lady cops request that they be allowed to leave for home early reasoning that it is the demand of their in-laws or husband, said the police official. He further said that many of them even use political influence to get themselves transferred to office duty, and many top officials are compelled to succumb to their whims. [NT]